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Archive for the ‘Instructables’ Category

postheadericon Pocket Laser Engraver

Check out this
“>tiny laser engraver
from instructables user Groover. Using easily sourced and salvaged parts including and a couple optical drives and an Arduino, Groover was able to assemble a unit that, though low power, is able to mark wood and cut paper.

postheadericon How-To: Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks
If you have a little time and a lot of nostalgia for crackling candy, learn to make your own Pop Rocks with this Instructable from chickflix. Most of the ingredients are easy to find, and you’ll need a blunt object such as a hammer to break them up into pebbles. Enjoy your freshly-made candy while sharing urban legends about the dangers of eating Pop Rocks with carbonated beverages.

postheadericon Bot Blows Really Big Bubbles

I held off on “giant,” because, well, there’s really big, and then there’s giant. And, as cool as your Arduino-brained bubble blowing robot is, Instructables user zvizvi, the bubbles it blows are not truly giant IMNSHO. Check out zvizvi’s and the other winning entries in Instructables’ recent Microcontroller Contest.


postheadericon A CD, A Nickel, A Paper Clip, and Some Hot Glue

Plus a little treasure from nature. From Mrballeng, Instructables user and craftsman. I have rarely, if ever, seen anyone use pick-up materials so creatively or so skillfully. Hats off to you.

postheadericon How-To: Sprocket Hole Photos

With digital photography as the most prevalent method of capturing pictures these days, nothing says nostalgia like these 35mm panoramas that are captured over the entire height of the negative. In this excellent Instructable by Darin Barry, you’ll learn how to hack a cheap medium format camera to expose your image so that it bleeds over the 35mm negative’s sprocket holes. What better way to flaunt your taste in fancy film stock, right?


In the Maker Shed:


Stereo Pinhole Camera Kit

Stereo Pinhole Camera Kit