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Archive for the ‘Toys and Games’ Category

postheadericon Billboards Converted To Swingsets

Yes, please. All of them.

From Paris architect Didier Faustino. [via Dude Craft]

postheadericon Top 10: Rube Goldberg Machines

Ever known somebody who makes things more complicated than they have to be?


Half Life 2 Rube Goldberg Contraptions


Ramen Cooking Rube Goldberg-like Video


Easter Themed Rube Goldberg Machine


Nearness, A Wireless Rube Goldberg Machine


Rube Goldberg Breakfast Machine


Make Podcast: Rube Goldberg Contraption Machine Made Out Of Sticks And Stones


Rube Goldberg-esque Room


Lego Rube Goldberg Machine


Trumer Beer Rube Goldberg Machine


Rube Goldberg Music Video

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!

postheadericon Kinect 3D Modeler

Austrian Kinect hacker Sebastian Pirch from
in Salzburg has built a 3D modeling system using a Microsoft Kinect controller and an Arduino. Using a pair of custom soft circuit gloves to provide a mouse click, Sebastian is able to model objects in mid air, in 3D, using gestures captured by the Kinect, which are then rendered with an LCD projector. It’s a little crude now, but he’ll probably be designing flying armored suits by this time next year. [via GeekyGadgets]

postheadericon Interactive Fountain Tracks Passersby

And, depending on how you position the nozzles, sprays them! More coolness from Gerry Chu, whose Kinect-based Motion Emotions I hit yesterday. Gerry’s fountain prototype has at least two Arduino Megas for brains.


postheadericon Gaming Minis From Twist-Ties

Shown above is only the most recent work, using this technique, of Photobucket user ionustron, for whom it has been a lifelong hobby. Here’s another:

You can see the rest of his portfolio at his Photobucket account, and read the (surprisingly moving) memoir of his creations over at selectbutton. [via Boing Boing]