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postheadericon Headphone Beanie Hat

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

Headphone Beanie Hat
How would you like to warm your head and surreptitiously listen to tunes at the same time? Well now you can with the Headphone Beanie Hat. This extra comfy beanie features integrated speakers inside the hat. Simply plug in your favorite music playing device to the cord in the back of the hat and crank up the volume. The speakers inside are adjustable to fit your personal ear location. Great for outdoor type activities where earbuds and headphones just won’t do. Now available in two new hat styles… the FlapJac and the Vizor.
Headphone Beanie Hat

postheadericon Geeky Wrapping Paper

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

Geeky Wrapping Paper
“After years of toiling and desperation, our engineers at ThinkGeek Gift Labs ™ have finally invented something so unique and innovative, it perplexes even the brightest minds as to how global society might be impacted. We’ll explain it to you but if your brain explodes, we warned you. You see, we have taken the flesh of a tree, mixed it up with some water and other patented goos. Then we took both some organic and inorganic pigments and dissolved them into a solvent. We took those pigments and applied them to the top of the modified tree flesh using very specific and highly intelligent patterns, and then coated everything with a nice protective finish made out of a special liquid that contains a low percentage of pigment and dries to a nice luster. We then folded these new creations and packaged four to a package and are selling them to you at a very affordable price so that you can turn around and use them to cover up things you want to gift to other people so that they might be surprised in a controlled manner. Sheer brilliance! Currently, you can choose between these designs: Equations – Scientific equations hand-written on blue and white graph paper. Binary – Black paper with a terminal green font and ‘Wrapping Paper’ in binary written all across it. Zombies – Black paper with zombies in various states of gift-giving/receiving, including a brain wrapped up with a pretty red bow. Can Has – “”Can Has”” in LOLcat font (aka Impact) printed over and over on a wasabi green background. ChristmasBots – Light blue paper with the cutest little holiday robots you’ll ever imagine. And by cute we mean hella-nifty. Nondenominational – Dark blue paper in a traditional style emblazoned with “”Have a Satisfactory, Non-denominational Capitalist, Wintertime Gift-giving Season!”” Each pack of wrapping paper contains 4 sheets. Each sheet is 20″” x 30″”. Many trees *were* harmed to bring you these unique creations, but it was all in good fun so what can we do?”
Geeky Wrapping Paper

postheadericon LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp
“Blackbeard was just about the most ruthless pirate ever. His management style was unique, to say the least. If one of his crew misbehaved, he would drop them in a large tank full of jellyfish and delight as the jewels he kept at the bottom of the tank reflected different colors into the ballet of agony that played out before him. According to the infamous pirate’s diaries, it really calmed his nerves, too. Wow. Well, while we don’t recommend all that for your office, there is something we can take from this story: colorful jellyfish are relaxing. This desktop tank holds three jellyfish which “”swim”” around the tank (thanks to a gently contrived current). In the top of the tank are 6 bright LEDs, which let you set the mood. You can either have them blend softly from one color to the next, or stop on your favorite color. Either way, the jellies are happy to frolic in their kaleidoscopic, quiet menace. And if one of your subordinates ever acts up, just remind him or her about the Blackbeard story…and let them know there’s room in your jellyfish tank for a hand or two. Sometimes threats are all you need. Arrrgh. Note: If you are having any troubles getting your jellies to swim about properly, remember to add just a few drops of liquid dish soap to the water as per the instructions. It’s the part that makes the magic happen. Thanks!”
LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

postheadericon I love alcohol (sake-bito)

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

I love alcohol (sake-bito)
“Here’s another wacky kanji T-shirt featuring beautiful characters penned with a traditional writing brush (fude pen). A parody of famous shima-bito (Island-Person) designs from Okinawa, this shirt proudly proclaims you as a sake-bito, literally a “”person of sake”” or someone who loves to drink all forms of alcohol. (Sake, prononced sah-KAY, can refer to normal rice wine as well as all other forms of alcohol.) Hiragana characters are written beside the kanji to illustrate the pronunciation and give the shirt a unique Japanese look and feel. A great wacky Japanese T-shirt for everyone who likes to party, recommended for retailers located near universities. 100% cotton heavyweight black shirt.”
I love alcohol (sake-bito)

postheadericon Collector’s Edition Slinky

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

Collector's Edition Slinky
“Everybody sing! “”What falls down stairs and rolls out of chairs and makes a jingly sound?”” No, it’s not grandma. It’s SLINKY! Everyone knows the Slinky song (the real one) because it is has been running continuously on television longer than any other commercial jingle (since 1962). To celebrate this simple, fun, and timeless toy, we’re proudly offering the Collector’s Edition Slinky to you, our friends. Your Slinky will arrive in a simple cardboard box sporting the original package design. Not only that, but your Slinky will look just like it did when it was created in 1945 (dark metal – not silvery or plastic-y like you might remember). And keep in mind, a Slinky is not just a toy; it can be a great tool to show science stuff – like wave motion. So learn and play with Slinky. It’s more than just a spring; it’s a wonderful thing! Box measures 3″” x 3″” x 2.5″” – Slinky fits inside and can stretch much, much longer.”
Collector’s Edition Slinky